Start Where You Are

Brittany Franco

I'm a nursing school drop out, turned Elementary Education graduate, photography attempt-er mother of two, who can now call herself an artist and business owner. (EEEK!) Though I started drawing and painting again with the desire to sell products and make money, the journey has still had it's climbs. There were a few moments that I wasn't sure about this path, but those moments were short and few, (because I didn't like them). I read Brim Papery's (http://brimpapery.com) blog when I had first started. She made a point that has stuck with me since. She talked about doing your best with what you have. Jumping in feet first with this new empowerment, I felt that I COULD be successful. Just because I wasn't an art major, Illustrator extraordinaire, (or even Illustrator owner) or knew anything about business and marketing, I knew I had a little bit of talent, a passion for creativity, a desire to succeed and the will to work hard. So, since February of 2014, I started where I was, used what I've had and I've done what I could. Each day I learn a little more which helps me do a little more, and that, I am pretty darn happy about, and after all that's the goal! To be HAPPY! 

Thank you all so much for checking out my new website and being a friend of Taylor Town... we hope you also think it's "The best little shop you'll find around!" 

Please feel free to e-mail me with questions at taylortownshop@gmail.com.
or write to 210 S. Main St. Taylor, AZ 85209.
(Totally kidding, please don't send anything there.) 
We'd also LOVE to connect with you on Instagram at @taylor.town 
-Brittany Franco 

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