Start Where You Are

Brittany Franco

I'm a nursing school drop out, turned Elementary Education graduate, photography attempt-er mother of two, who can now call herself an artist and business owner. (EEEK!) Though I started drawing and painting again with the desire to sell products and make money, the journey has still had it's climbs. There were a few moments that I wasn't sure about this path, but those moments were short and few, (because I didn't like them). I read Brim Papery's (http://brimpapery.com) blog when I had first started. She made a point that has stuck with me since. She talked about doing your best with what you have. Jumping in feet first with this new empowerment, I felt that I COULD be successful. Just because I wasn't an art major, Illustrator extraordinaire, (or even Illustrator owner) or knew anything about business and marketing, I knew I had a little bit of talent, a passion for creativity, a desire to succeed and the will to work hard. So, since February of 2014, I started where I was, used what I've had and I've done what I could. Each day I learn a little more which helps me do a little more, and that, I am pretty darn happy about, and after all that's the goal! To be HAPPY! 

Thank you all so much for checking out my new website and being a friend of Taylor Town... we hope you also think it's "The best little shop you'll find around!" 

Our Arizona family has moved to Grant's Pass, Oregon!!!!
We will be here for a year. During that time I will only be taking orders on Custom houses.
Please continue to follow our journey on instagram @taylor.town.

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